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What a perfect day!

(entirely stolen from my Dragons blog. Sorry -- not enough time for two today!)

Went for a really amazing hack to soak up some sunshine today. Tied Sienna to the trailer while I was tacking her up. I know she ties reasonably well, so I figured it was worth a try -- and no better location than one where it's quiet and she's comfortable. N you know what? She was kewl w/ it. Tested it out briefly n then while not quite "school-pony-snoozing" relaxed, she was reasonable about it. I'm not as stunned by this as I could've been, but I was still *very* impressed :) The "new thing" on today’s hack was water. Real water. As in a reasonably wide running stream (river? I don't know -- what's bigger than a stream but smaller than a river?). hahaha she wasn't terribly impressed w/ the mud before the water, but was pretty good once she was actually in the river :) My little superstar! N of course, we happened to hop over a couple XC jumps on our travels. hahaha I can't wait till she's ready for show season.

Had to laugh though as we were trotting along and she was trying oh-so-hard to lead, but our trail buddy is very much the dominant mare and did NOT want to give up her spot. So I'm holding Si back and holding Si back and she keeps trying so hard to pass n then all of a sudden all the tension goes out of her, she completely chills out and drops back to a normal distance to follow at. Huh??? All I can think of is she finally clued in that it's *not* a race. She really doesn't have to be first. Anyways, after that she was awesome.

It's looking like it could be a fun summer :)


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