Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.” - James Barrie

Gotta admit I *love* the current weather! Rode Sienna this aft around a group lesson of novice adults that was more than slightly chaotic since few (if any) of them understand ring rules and the instructor had lost her voice so was having a bit of a challenge keeping everybody organized. But hey -- good practice for the w/u ring eh? Si was good about being cut-off and asked to turn rather abruptly to dodge those who randomly stop. She still doesn't much care for being passed, but as long as she's not cantering @ the time it's not tragic... She's ok w/ the *quiet* horses but the loud ones (think draft-cross) still cause her concern. hahaha guess there weren't too man of those on the track eh? :-P

So I definitely invited myself to a friend's farm to go hacking tomorrow and enjoy what's supposed to be *more* amazing weather. N I'm sooooo excited! hahaha like a little kid again. Will have a hard time focusing @ work waiting to go :) Is-it-time-yet? Isittimeyet? Can't wait :) Gorgeous property too. Wooohoo!

GRS blog of the day: "Up Down is not just for beginners" hahaha And for the curious -- the *reason* I have two blogs now is because the blog seriously increases the search-engine rankings so I want the business one active, but I want it to be strictly riding school related... This one often ventures there cause, well, let's be honest -- it's the part of my life I'm usually most excited about :) But I *am* trying to keep them different now... And there IS a comment section on that one too for those who are so inclined. If anybody's actually reading it >;-P

I'm on such a high from the nice weather! Or maybe it's the excessive amount of pop I drank today >;-P hahaha see the problem w/ being good and limiting sugar intake is that when you splurge, you get serious results!

My bunny is having way too much fun in his round-pen... Super cute to watch :) I definitely have the kewlest pets. hahaha

Ok so one of my students alerted me to the rather disturbing fact that the Rules are not posted on the GRS website... This is definitely a problem that I am off to remedy now!

Later :)

ps -- just as a side note and a mini-rant -- I've never seen a more useless spell checker than the one that comes with Blogger. Occasionally run it just for a joke -- it didn't even question "isittimeyet" -- seriously what dictionary is THAT in??? Or various other words that I spell randomly cause it amuses me to do so -- you'd think it'd at least be *aware* that these are not traditional spellings... But alas, it fails miserably. Ah well - if *that's* the only rant of the day, have to admit it's been a pretty awesome day!


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