Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Absolutely pointless babble

So honestly when it's 15deg, sunny, and no wind, there's really nothing better to do than ride :) Miss Si was beyond amazing -- one day (if I can stay on long enough!) she's going to be an amazing jumper. hahaha more on that in the GRS blog *g*

On my way to go swimming shortly. That's always an adventure and a half. Have been reading about proper form -- we'll see if I can apply it. hahaha ah well -- always good to start w/ theory right? It's good exercise if nothing else :) Gotta learn to breath. After years of passing out @ jump 4 on the first XC run of the year from not breathing you'd think I'd've learned that lesson but evidently not. N apparently it applies to all facets of life. Who knew?

So Sat is supposed to be perfect riding weather... Where to go? That's def the question of the day :) Suggestions?

Ok well there was originally a point to this, but I've long forgotten what it is, so I'm gonna go hit the pool and see if it comes back to me.



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