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Sienna's first dressage lesson

So Sienna had her first dressage lesson today :) Woohoo! (well first lesson since she's had any clue what hand and/or leg mean :)

Pony was a superstar; rider needs some work! Ouch. Not *only* have some of my bad habits returned already, but NEW ones have joined them. SO not kewl. They WILL be gone again by the next lesson (hahaha so M if I keep canceling lessons for the next 6 mths or so, you know why! >;-P) And for the record, that's only the new ones that will be gone -- I make no promises about the traditional ones. hahaha D *almost* got rid of those for me, but that was only w/ nagging every single time I got on the horse *g* Maybe I should bribe one of the barn kids to sit in the corner and just make random comments -- I could give them a list :) They'd bound to be right as often as not if they stuck to the script!

So yeah Miss Sienna really stepped up. She was super-good even though the back door was open and her friends were outside. Had some really amazing trot work -- walk and canter still need a *bit* more help *g* She was tired at the end, but lasted the whole lesson -- which counts for a lot! Yeah TB fitness :) As always my coach, through seemingly no effort whatsoever, managed to get absolutely amazing things out of my horse. Def had to laugh at the "she doesn't seem strong enough to maintain this very long yet" comment though -- yeah that'd be cause she did it for the first time all of about 5 mins ago!!! Awfully glad we had the "yes I AM allowed to SIT in the canter" breakthrough a couple days ago though. hahaha DQ lessons don't go so well w/ that skillset missing

Oh so much fun though. To go from lessons every day to once-in-a-blue-moon is just not kewl at all! But now that we're at a point where she can at least *pretend* to work with us, it's all good :) Esp as she put up w/ my "you should've seen her when I started!" moment hahaha One of those things that you know as you say it you should really just keep your mouth shut and do what you're told *g*. Ah well -- everybody has their moments. Now I just need to find a good jump coach and I'm set! hahaha I understand completely why the one I *want* to ride w/ is entirely booked (booo!) but I don't understand why the other one I'd really like to ride w/ lives a zillion miles away! Sheesh. Some people. hahaha ok so that might be a *slight* exaggeration, but say significantly too far to go for an evening lesson, and excessive for any regular lessons. Not that that's actually going to stop me of course :)


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