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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Jasper has traveled to the Rainbow Bridge :(

On a very sad note, my friend Jane's long time four-legged companion Jasper (of the canine variety) has left us after many years to go play at the Rainbow Bridge. I know there's nothing that can be said to make things easier, but know that he's pain-free now. *hugs*

For those unfamiliar w/ the reference:

In happier moments, I made the horse-person's semi-annual pilgrimage to the Greenhawk Sale today. hahaha yes it IS worth taking a day off for :) Anybody who questions that is clearly NOT a *true* horse-person >;-P

I definitely brought a list. And the only thing I added from the "mental list" (you know, those things you can't justify putting on THE list but that are in the 'check the price justincase' place in your mind) was treats for Sienna -- who definitely earned them (see GRS blog :) so it's all good! Now part of the trick to sticking to the list is to make the list all encompassing -- when it includes everything you could want or need you're set :) The other way, which I applied this time, is to simply go broke. If you only have X amount of $ you kinda have to stick to it -- makes deviating from the list less likely. hahaha oh wait, I mean... it was straight willpower! Yes, that's it. Willpower. No, better yet - Laurpower! hahaha omg I need help. Sheesh. N's response to my FB status made me laugh :) Yes you'll have to go look :)

So part of the fun of the GH sale is running into people you never get to see :) And those you do, but can never see to much of! hahaha was great to see everybody today n get caught up on what all's been going on! I'm sorry to those who I saw in the distance but didn't get to chat with! Will catch up at the shows. And I was *very* excited when K agreed to play hookey to come play :) N bumed when work got in the way of D doing the same! The nerve of some clients expecting her to actually work while the GH sale is on. Sheesh. hahaha

Also picked up some new students today (albeit not at GH -- oh if only it were so easy. hahaha "new int students, aisle 1; new adv students, aisle 3", so pretty happy about that! If you're reading this, welcome :)

Sienna wore dressage tack for the first time ever today -- n I was pretty thrilled to discover it fit her just about perfectly. Which of course led to me realizing how poorly it had fit Zel! Poor girl. Yup, you guessed it, the saddle that was thoroughly scorned and all-but-banned (only barely tolerated cause I had no other option) is now entirely acceptable and not doing stupid things to my position. Always good when tack actually fits eh? Sometimes the pieces fall into place. And sometimes they get shoved there *g* Laurpower again :) hahaha ok I'll stop now.

Have a good one!


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