Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Rome didn't create a massive empire by having meetings; they did it by killing all those who opposed them!

hahaha ok so Miss Sienna IS a bit of a princess -- where it comes through is when she's *tired*. Awwwww Poor girl wanted absolutely nothing to do w/ me yesterday. Pinned ears, nasty mare faces, just generally thoroughly grumpy. Amazing how when I took her out to graze instead of tacking her up the attitude disappeared entirely. Classic eh? I have a teenager! hahaha ah well -- can't really blame her on that one either. So she'll prob have today off too (given that it's always the-day-after-the-day-after when you're really sore from exercising) or just a stretchy walk day. I was impressed though, legs were clean and no sore spots on her back; while I'm sure she's muscle sore, at least all the obvious parts are still good to go :)

Gave in and got myself a new jump saddle. Still a little stunned about it, but pretty excited :) Was crazy on sale (thankfully!) N here I was all proud of actually having saved a *little* bit of $. Sheesh :( Ah well -- I've known since fall that this was going to be a necessary purchase so when it dropped into my price range kinda had to take it then.

So while meetings are all well and good for meeting new people, having some interesting conversation, and sometimes getting out of the office, I have to admit they make it very hard to get any actual *work* done. Argh. Getting to be just a little insane. Sheesh.

Freaked somebody out with the white lines on my fingernails today *g* Here I thought that was just normal -- but then when have I ever done normal? So I had it vaguely in the back of my mind that that's a sign of a mineral deficiency of some sort so good ol Google to the rescue. Yup - iron. Yeah there's a shocker >;-P hahaha but what *was* sort of interesting was to read about some of the *other* colour lines you can have and the scary things they can mean.... I've always had white so didn't think anything of it, but what about blue, red, black??? Black is bad. Even in nature evidently.

I need a nap. Wonder if I can schedule *that* into my calendar?

Off now!


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