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Up-Down is not just for beginners...

hahaha ok so the ups and downs of retraining an OTTB:

Up -- my horse has figured out the whole jumping concept. She has excellent form and reasonable scope.
Down -- she jumps so friggen high and *strong* I have serious troubles staying on!!! hahaha I'm not even gonna be able to do pre-entry cause we'll jump Int height out of a trot! It's a *little* better when we canter, but not much.

Up -- she's getting much more relaxed in the canter.
Down -- she has no interest in any *other* gait anymore.

Up -- she's relaxing on the flat.
Down -- "relaxed" is rapidly turning into "lazy".

Up -- she's enjoying jumping
Down -- in Si's world fun=fast. Too fast if we ever have to turn!

Up -- Si has the most amazing gallop!
Down -- I can't sit to the canter to save my life. Yet.

Up -- new saddle is brilliant for anything involving 2pt
Down -- it was NOT meant to be sat in >;-P

Up -- horse is *very* easy to handle on the ground, esp after a ride.
Down -- she can be a total witch *before* the ride.

Up side -- she's getting fit fast.
Down side -- she's getting fit fast.

hahaha and anybody who's ever dealt w/ babies before will understand that combination!


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