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To jump or not to jump; what a stupid question

Awesome ride today. Warm and sunny and a little course of baby-jumps set up outside. Miss Sienna warmed up beautifully -- including cantering both directions properly! Woohoo. Although have to admit she's actually stronger on the right than the left now! Oops *g* That ring is also big enough that she can really go on the long side hahaha prob is she can't quite speed around the short end when she's really going. So we compromised and only went "kinda fast" down the long side and "reasonably controlled" around the short end.

On the plus side -- my new saddle is brilliant for galloping in. Not so good for trotting (was having some balance issues) but galloping and jumping perfect. N really, that's what I bought it for so all good.

So the first jump I pointed her at, she cleared the 18" fence by about 3'. hahaha insane. The gasp from the audience led me to ask if she'd been as high up as she'd felt -- apparently and then some. Does mean there's hope for when I *want* her doing prelim height -- but I prefer it when I ask for it! And not from a trot >;-P Things did get easier from there, but man it's def encouraging me to keep the jumps tiny cause she's jumping them as though they're huge -- I'm a little concerned what she's going to do when she actually HAS to jump! hahaha N by the end she was cantering around over the course like a hunter pro. I was pretty impressed :) On the plus side, she's seeming to enjoy it now. First day she's been looking for the fences and holding her line reasonably well. Woohoo.


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