Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The best laid plans of mice and men. . .

Ok so I had good intentions of updating my GRS site... But then I spent several hours playing on this one instead (that whole sugar rush thing again!) And that's with a template I *found* and just had to modify a little. Sheesh. A few things I haven't figured out yet (such as how to display the DATE for each post -- anybody know offhand how to make that work?) but basically I couldn't do blue anymore cause GRS is all blue and really, enuff is enuff >;-P I was looking for a fantasy template but couldn't find anything that really suited (or they suited but I couldn't customize enough to make it useful) -- but this one I liked and for the most part could work with so.... here it is :) Like I said, still a few things to clean up, but it's now significantly later than I'd planned to be up tonight so I think I'd best turn off the machine now... hahaha

This has also taken much longer than it should because both my cats are being super-social tonight for some reason? Maybe hiding out cause the bunny is out of the cage? Sheesh.

Ok it's definitely time to turn the machine OFF now. Night :)


I love the Winterson quote at the top of the page. I'm still laughing. I think I need to write it on my wall, haha...


That's always been one of my favourites :) Seemed appropriate here somehow!


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