Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Don't wait for your ship to come in - swim out to it.

Ok so I woke up this morning feeling all sorts of new muscles... Why? Swimming! hahaha seriously. I'm phenomenally bad at it, but I am enjoying it and it's a workout n a half :) Yesterday was the first time I tried it w/ goggles -- wow. Haven't been able to see clearly in a pool since I was like 10. Was actually kinda disconcerting at times -- n then I had to laugh at myself for finding it so. Anyways -- since I could actually put my face in the water w/o coming up blind each time, I could focus a little more on form/style/etc. N while I was going, I could hold my own in the "medium" lane -- hahaha you have to understand, last week I couldn't even manage the turtle lane so this is huge progress -- the issue is that I could only maintain that for all of one lap. By the second lap I'd have to go back in the slow lane (not that I ever really left -- just made a mental leap over the dividing line when I noticed I was passing those people -- ah the competitive side shines through again). Def need to figure out the whole breathing rhythm thing though. Wow. It's exhausting when you do that wrong (who'da thunk it eh?) Once I figure that out I suspect (hope!) my endurance will increase exponentially. Cause really one lap and a half is pretty sad :( Particularly for she who considers herself reasonably fit. Was thoroughly impressed by the couple guys in the fast lane who def didn't belong w/ the rest of the "recreational swimmers" in the pool. hahaha Maybe by *next* winter. Or next decade >;-P We'll see.

So I was entertaining my spinning instructor the other day -- doing a nasty hill climb and she announced the need for more resistance, which was, naturally, met w/ good-natured groans of dismay. To which she laughs and says "yeah, well I know Lauren will be smiling -- she can't help herself." hahaha done in *again* by smiling when I'm so far beyond challenged there's no point. She comes up to me afterwards and tells me that in all the years she's been doing this she's only ever known one other person who smiles when their spinning. hahaha BUT that means I'm not alone!!! Woohoo :) When I had a trainer @ the gym he was often amused by the same tendency. I think it's really the whole "laugh or cry" thing -- n I have a much better chance @ surviving if I pick laugh! That or I'm actually just insane, n w/in a few years I'll be wandering the streets of Toronto singing my happy song all to myself. hmmmm >;-P Ah well -- normal's boring :)

Went on a road-trip @ work again the other day. To EarthRangers. This'd be a kewl place to work -- the idea is ecologically responsible/sustainable/etc etc etc. But in w/ all the special heating/lighting/design etc are animals. Real ones. A little disturbing that the first I noticed was a rather large snake (I do *not* do well with snakes). But they also have several very impressive birds (falcon, hawk, owl, etc) n a bunch of random critters (lemur, opossum, etc) and of course, the creepy crawlies (snakes... *shudder* big snakes.). Anyways the person we were there to meet w/ noticed my distraction after the meeting as we were leaving the building n I kept wandering over to the various animal areas -- he promised to arrange an animal tour the next time we're there :) hahaha it's an education centre (as you might expect) targeting everyone from 8 through highschool. Well I was amused anyways.

And as far as horse related goes -- Anna sent this to me and I had to share:
As the url suggests, it's utterly pointless -- but then sometimes the pointlessness of an exercise is the entire reason for doing it.

Ok and I would just like to state that I can't believe pointlessness is actually a word??? Sheesh.

Alright well off to work with me :)


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