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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Aleviating boredom one post at a time!

So I've been somewhat amazed lately by the variety of people I've discovered are reading this.

There are, of course, my friends who, horsey or not read this because, well, they're my friends and friends DO thing's like that *g*. I think it falls under the whole support category >;-P hahaha my mum is in this group too -- even though she usually already knows the stories I'm telling; now *that's* dedication.

Then there are the horse people: students, former students, future students (?perhaps?), coaches, former coaches, friends, competitors (sometimes many of those options together!), random people who stumbled upon this while I was riding with Denny and amazingly stuck around after I came home and had no new Denny stories to tell, and so forth. This group makes sense to me logically given that Here There Be Dragons is more often than not Here There Be Horses *g* I actually hope some of this group ALSO follows the GRS blog (yeah sales pitch! Hey it's my blog I can write whatever I want! And on that note -- see GRS for Sienna's first real dressage lesson!)

This is followed by the group that totally bemuses me -- the frienimies. hahaha you know who you are! The two who are right now fuming and sitting down to write me very carefully crafted albeit scathing emails >;-P N lets be honest, this paragraph is included solely because I came across that word and was entertained that it made it into the Urban Dictionary and wanted to oh-so-subtly work it into conversation. hahaha While I am bemused by them, I do actually understand this group (albeit pity them a little) because there was a time when I was too immature to know any better that I too lurked the writing of one whom I would never grow to tolerate; until I grew up enough to realize it was both wasting my time (of which I *never* have enough to waste!) AND giving her an audience. hahaha and THAT was the end of that! But hey any are welcome to read if they wish :) And as far as I know, this group is tiny; n if you happen to know better, please keep that knowledge to yourself and allow me to enjoy my ignorance (it really IS bliss! :) hahaha

The group that I can't get my head around and am totally stunned and honoured actually take the time to commit to give me an audience, are those from the suburbs of my life :) Thsoe who aren't actually bound by friendship, loyalty, or an addiction to all things equine. Recently I've realized this is a much bigger group than I ever imagined (n I have a fairly vivid imagination :) and have been somewhat overwhelmed by it. It includes those such as high-school friends that I haven't seen since high-school, spouses of those who are bound by friendship, distant relatives like the cousins I've never technically met (really have to remedy that soon!), guys I considered dating but never actually went out w/ (should I be concerned that that's plural? hahaha I clearly need to get a life! But then I'm having way too much fun living the one I've got!), other bloggers far more skilled with a keyboard than I could dare dream of, FB and Nano friends -- some of whom I've actually met, most of whom are amazing writers, none of whom have ever actually ridden a horse (to the best of my knowledge :) But hey -- I read about a lot of things I'll never do too (Hogwarts rejected my application), so maybe I can understand that. hahaha and the list seems to continue. And I'm *always* stunned when I discover someone new. I found out about three this week and I'm soooo excited by that :) hahaha little things in life eh?

So anyways -- thanks all :) You totally made my day! Regularly! And please DO feel free to comment. Just because you now know what's going on in MY world doesn't afford me the same privilege! Feel free to share :)

Was going to end it there, but I have to wonder now how many of you are looking at this wondering which group you're in??? hahaha pick whichever one you like best!


edited to add: so I got an E from one in the "close friend" category alerting me to a rather HUGE category I missed :) She feels there should be the "stuck at work and bored out of my mind category" -- which I feel just *may* encompass all of the above! hahaha and quite frankly, I'm proud to be the one to alleviate your boredom :) If only for a moment. Good luck w/ the rest of your day!


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