Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

No hour is wasted that is spent on the back of a horse...

Last night I went up to the barn later than I usually ride so there was only one person there -- and she's legging her horse up to go TO the track. Now she's not doing anything wrong or obnoxious or anything; just going around and around and around in endless laps of the track at trot. No problem. But Si saw this -- I don't know *what* it was she saw cause the horse was just trotting -- maybe the jockey style riding? (way up high etc) -- but she went right back to track-mode. hahaha couldn't believe it. But she did settle quickly enough -- was never *quite* convinced she wasn't supposed to race, but didn't have a meltdown either. I was pretty happy @ that. It's amazing how the bar gets lowered for some horses eh? Not "she did amazing things" just "woohoo she didn't have a meltdown!" Ah well. Anyways -- after watching the other lesson I was all inspired so poor Miss Si had to actually work *g* Had to grow up @ some point eh? Well let me tell you, we worked and worked and worked, and by the end we had half-halts in the canter (you have NO idea how excited I was at this -- we're still way downhill, but at least for a stride I can get her butt under her), jumps on a *straight* line -- even if that line was an angle, and both trot and canter poles. Now our "jump" was all of 1'. Literally *sigh* The kind of baby X where even the sides of the X are low *g* hahaha but that's not the point! The point is she did it, w/o the hesitation phase, in both trot and canter, every time! N of course all this was in like half an hour since that's all she's fit enough for @ the moment.

So many of my students are familiar w/ the "wheel of death" exercise -- one (or sometimes two) jumps on a circle that you go around and around and around until it's well... perfect :) Easy right? Then you do it again. hahaha But today I met a new wheel-of-death in, of all places, the office. Yes that's right -- it's the Mac version of the blue-screen-of-death. The pretty little multi-coloured wheel just kept spinning and spinning and spinning and succeeded in completely monopolizing my machine until I gave up and unplugged it. Sheesh

Is it sad that I can't wait till Si is ready to tackle the wheel??? hahaha Perhaps we should master the 20m circle first eh?

Had a great suggestion for the quotes at the top of my new website -- now will prob be spending the wknd making that happen. hahaha ah well.

Ok off for now. Soooooo glad it's Friday!


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