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Transferrable skills from riding to dance? Sure - why not?

Dance Fusion class today.  I was, shall we say, not the least bit interested in going.  Lol I was not feeling super hot - really dragging getting going in the am.   AND it's the first nice weekend day since last fall.  Going to an indoor activity?  Not super high on my list.

I was definitely more in a chips kinda mindset ;)

But...  I'd already committed, and I do *really* enjoy dance class so...  🤷‍♀️ 

Pull into the parking lot like 5 mins before class starts and, it's empty?   Usually it's packed and the problem is there's no spaces.   Wondering if I'd missed a memo?   But as I walked to the door I saw two other people coming down the street whom I recognized from our Tues class so probably okay...   Open the door and it's packed?   Lol turns out everyone assumed there would be no parking and parked on the street.  Amazing.

Lots of familiar friendly faces when I walked in.  I give Michelle (coach) a great deal of credit for creating a very welcoming culture.   Changed into my fancy dance shoes and we got started right away.   The concept of the Saturday ones is a 2h session to learn choreography end-to-end for one song.  Could be any mix of styles.  Lol this one was something I've never heard of before and already forgotten.  Google is not helping me at all atm.  I'll find out and update ;). *edited later - oh the boss got back to me.  Apparently it's Cumbia.  Who knew?*

Anyways - was SO much fun.  Enjoyed this one a lot more than the last one.  It felt easier - idk if it actually was, or if I've managed to improve between the two lol.  Potentially both?   Either way, lots of fun.  Enjoyed that this one travelled a lot more -- most of the time we stay mostly in one place with the dances -- at least partially cause of the practicality of 15-20 people in a room, you can only move so far before crashing into people ;).   Not that there *wasn't* crashing into people in this one.  😂.  But it was entertaining.

We did an arm styling class last week that I entirely failed to apply today lol but overall did at least manage to move my arms more often than not and the footwork is definitely becoming easier.   With arms - getting better at including them, but it usually feels very awkward.   Or it feels awesome but then I have *zero* belief that it LOOKS awesome.   Some day ;).   It is fun though.   And I'm continuing to improv my mimic skills.  I can't really come up with anything on my own, but I'm getting better at doing whatever someone more talented than I does ;)

It's literally a meme.  Sheesh.

Interesting for me just this week was cluing in to 3 very distinct advantages from a lifetime of riding.   I had never realised before, but between Tuesday's class and today all kinds of people were struggling and eventually determined that's why I wasn't.   First is physicality -- core strength, balance, and posture (not sure if that's one or three, but for my purposes it's one).  That's kinda a given but it actually helps ;).  The number of people I've told to "drop their shoulder blades into their back pockets" in dressage and I literally heard that exact instruction given to the group on Tues.   The second is the ability to easily memorise a fairly long pattern and to pretty quickly apply what the mirror image will be is almost instinctual after decades of dressage tests.  And the last, for the win, "don't look down".  Lol the number of times I heard that, or "look up!", directed even at otherwise really good dancers, was a riot.  In riding, looking down has far more serious consequences than just missing a step ;).  So that was fun.   

I'm starting to not feel completely lost each time.  And I'm definitely no longer the greenest or least-coordinated person in the group.   Music lessons from a lifetime ago / piano this year likely help too (I feel it's more the ones from a lifetime ago realistically) -- with things like being able to find and follow a beat or phrase, and understanding syncopation reasonably easily (if you're syncopating anything on horseback, something has gone *horribly* wrong).  lol.   But to me, this is part of why both teaching adults and learning as an adult is in many ways more interesting -- a lifetime of random experiences contributes in strange and unusual ways...

So yeah, still having a ton of fun, and really glad I went in the end ;).  I will 100% have forgotten the whole thing by morning.

*updated to add* OMG there's video.  Lol and I'm thoroughly hidden in the middle so willing to share.  I had zero idea this was being recorded and I'm guessing was right after teh break - it definitely got better ;).  But if you're curious...


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