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Introducing Bjorn the Narwhal

Our latest addition :)

Early warning - this post was written over multiple sessions so is both very long and may not be the smoothest of transitions; it's the "as I was going" adventure.

Okay as some of you may know, my mum knits amazing creations. And I LOVE the things she turns out, but for the life of me have not been able to create or sustain an interest in knitting. For all my random hobbies that one just doesn’t appeal. Fail.

But for whatever reason, a couple times I’ve tried crocheting. It’s literally the same concept but somehow it appeals more? Idk. My brain has always been weird ;). But still, it’s never stuck.

However, for whatever reason I began seeing targeted ads for Woobles. Little critters (I like little critters) to crochet (sure why not?) that are completely beginner friendly…. And eventually I clicked through.
It actually is pretty well that simple

Well I started with a “medium beginner” because I didn’t like any of the actual beginner ones enough. The fact that they have three phases of beginner was a good sign to me ;)

It comes pre started, and the videos really do literally walk you through stitch by stitch at the start, so I was pretty pleased. I had to pay a lot of attention, but my little narwhal was taking shape ;). I am really impressed at the 101 level of the videos. Like legitimately “I’ve never done this before” beginner safe - right from how to hold the wool (and both left and right hand versions of the videos)

So far, the switch of colour was the only video that I found not completely idiot proof. It mentioned a slip stitch and that hadn’t been taught yet. Fail. Had a choice of google or make it up as I went along - I made it up ;-P. My narwhal will be unique ;)

I also failed in the colour switch in that I cut the threads way too close, so my little narwhal is definitely fragile ;). The video *did* explain about how to tuck them in and stitch over them, but I was following as it went instead of watching the whole thing first and so definitely didn’t leave nearly enough wool.

Otherwise though it’s been awesome. You can definitely tell where my I got better as the tension between stitches varies wildly at the start, then got too tight for a bit. When it came time to learning to do decrease stitches those tight stitches just about did me in. Lesson learned for next one.

Also, there was a video right at the start about turning it inside out — but that also meant mirroring all the movements. I was way too new to risk trying that, but as I’m getting to the end, I am wondering how I’m going to turn it inside out now ;). We’ll see….

So - the inside out hit sooner than expected cause I had to turn it around to put on the eyes. Plus side - adding eyes is very easy. Down side - wow is my poor Bjorn ever very clearly a first effort lol. Room for improvement we shall say. And now I have to figure out how to stitch backward to finish him… hmmmm

For the record - in the finish video when it tells you to cut the yarn, it’s very clear how far away you should be ;)

Added video that would be useful - how to work the yarn so it doesn’t end up in a bit knot. I had no problem w the blue, but the white was a less than pleasant experience…

So now my Bjorn is a little blue and white ball with eyes. Fins come next - they don’t come pre-started, so I’ll be learning that piece shortly lol. I am loving the very gradual pace of this. I’m not loving how interpretive some of my stitches clearly were lol. Ah well — first time for everything. 

I made a thing!  Or at least this start of a thing :)

For those following the adventures of Bjorn - he now has fins! Lol these did *not* come pre-started. So the first step has the learning of how to crochet basic stitches and switch colours. The second step was how to start from scratch and attach pieces to one another. The first - not so fun. I definitely did it, but it definitely took more than one try. Significant improvement between the first fin and the 2nd though. The attaching was really basic sewing; after a couple years of xstitch and some occasional embroidery, this was not what we will deem a challenge. Next up - tail and horn. 

Starting to look like a real critter

Okay so there was a LONG break of a few weeks between sections, but BJORN now has a tail AND a horn! Woohoo! The tail was moderately confusing - a picture of the finished product would’ve definitely helped, but I followed the instructions and went with what I ended up with 😂 
Hard to get a good photo that shows the funky tail :)

And now I have a Narwhal! For the win :)
Hi Everybody!

And while it is very definitely a beginner effort and even I can see all the opportunities for improvement, I made a thing, it made me smile, and we’re deeming that a win! I have two more to make (a unicorn and a dinosaur) and there’s a phoenix that just came out that I may add to the collection some day ;). But not till the ones I have are made — which is likely *after* nice weather season.

Overall my summary would be:
- These kits are absolutely beginner friendly 
- They are cute, easy to make, and achievable in a short timeframe — easily could’ve been done in a weekend even with no experience. I imagine someone who knows what they’re doing could prob knock it off in an hour or two (less?). 
- If you actually know how to crochet, they are not cost-effective. But looking at the pattern alone (also included) would’ve been completely overwhelming to starting from scratch beginner. They DO teach you to read the pattern as you go so it’s not quite so scary in the end ;)


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