Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

A train leaves station A at...

This morning I was running late.  I take the train to work so a couple minutes can make a big difference in arrival time.  Leaving Oakville, the trains are every 10 minutes.  They alternate express and local trains.  I like the 7:15 which is express to Union (the other express trains stop at Clarkson).  If I miss that train, I need to hang out for 20 minutes.  This is because the 7:35 express will actually get to Union before the 7:25 local.

Starting to feel like you're back in a junior high math problem?  Welcome to my life.

Anyways - I was running late so, figuring I had 20 mins to the next train, I puttered and took my time.  But when I got to the station I could see by the number of people on the platform that it hadn't come yet.   I could've made it w just a little effort.  Blah.

So I was pretty unimpressed w that, and sure enough the train pulled up as I was leaving my car.  I park in the garage so it's a long hike to the train.  If it's on the platform, I won't make it.  But then I got downstairs, waved my pass at the machine, and the train was still there!  Sweet.  Booked it up the stairs and jumped on just as last call was happening.

And then promptly jumped back off.  It was *packed*.  It's often standing room only, but this was sardine style packed.  Ummm no thanks, I'll wait.

Was going to wait for the 7:35 but there were still a ton of people on the platform, leading me to believe the next express would be packed too.  So I got on the 7:25 (which starts at Oakville so hangs out there for about 10 mins).

Before it left however, another train pulled in on the express track.  Hmmmm interesting.  The one I was sitting on called last call for the doors so I jumped off and hopped on the one on the express track.  So random.  No idea what train it was, but it was pointing the right direction ;)

And better yet, it was deserted.  I ended up avoiding the sardine train, getting an entire block of seats to myself, express to Union.  Pretty good start to the day ;).  Admittedly we had to stop a couple times due to train traffic, but still pretty happy.

That being said, I'm not actually at work yet.  We shall see ;-P


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