Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

It's amazing the peace horse time can bring to your soul.

I was on my way home from dinner and it was a reasonably nice night out and I didn't entirely want to go home, so I figured I'd go out to the barn and see my pony -- she's due to be wormed anyways and if I stretch my imagination a bit, it's on the way.

But then I actually got in my car and decided I was really tired.  Maybe I should just go home.   I was in an area I don't know all that well, so I decided if I found the hwy that goes to the barn, I'd go there.  Otherwise I'd go home.  All good.  Except I couldn't find the hwy for the barn and was so incredibly disappointed, I realized how much I really wanted to go to the barn.   Hmmmm that, in itself, is a good thing.

So I got myself turned around, found the right hwy, and headed up to the barn.   Sunset over the pond...  Cherry trees in full blossom...  Only person there...  Pretty much heaven :)

Now Lexi had been kicked a little over a week ago and needed stitches.  She was on stall rest till Monday.  Yeah, you can imagine how that went ;)  On Monday night I let her trot a bit, just to see how she was doing, and she was remarkably close to sound.  Cool.

So tonight I decided to lunge her a bit.  And by lunge, I mean "trot around in circles" -- halter and lungeline style.  Not working proper training lunging by any stretch of the imagination.  Alex would not be impressed ;-P  

She was *wired*.  hahaha the most beautiful lengthened trot, and balanced uphill canter.  Admittedly also some moderately excessive airs above the ground, but we don't need to mention those *g*.   She's a rather impressive horse when she wants to be.

After we finished playing in circles, I took her for a walk around the track.  It was a power walk -- the kind I wish I could get in dressage! -- but she was remarkably good about it.  Her Royal Greyness' brain is, maybe?, finally catching up with her age ;)    I suspect there would've been more drama if I'd been mounted, but I was still impressed.  Did a couple laps, let her munch some clover and dandelions, and went back in.

The first time I ever tried to deworm Lex, she threw me across the stall.  I worked *really* hard with her to get her over that and it's never been a serious issue since.  It's never been easy either though.  But this time?  It was actually possibly the easiest worming I've ever done.  On any horse.  Ever.  She took it very much as she would a carrot.  It's distinctly possible she, in fact, believed it was a carrot ;)  hahaha but I'll take it.  And it was promptly followed by an actual carrot.

So then spent a long while grooming and just enjoying peaceful pony time.  Left feeling happy and relaxed and super glad I chose to detour.  And that, is why I pay her bills :)

So this is Nick rather than Lexi,
but it's about how I was feeling tonight and the only pic I have like it


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