Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Superstar students!

Another fun night tonight.

Amy broke her height record riding Nick; you should've seen how happy he was to be jumping BIG jumps for a change :)  Lovely to watch.

Rowan had an extreme change going from riding Jack to riding Charlie in back-to-back lessons, AND had Charlie jumping quietly.

Emily had awesome dressage with Nick, while Katlyn was hugely more successful with Dixie over fences tonight.

For the entertainment portion of the evening -- Brena learned to deal with Bella in pony-mode.  hahaha and she not only survived, but got her jumping under control.

Margaret got Louis through a triple, complete with reasonably large oxer at the end.   This was followed by Emily getting him jumping straight and focused.

And Chelsea and Lissy seem to really have their jumping together now.  Really good to see.

*Edited to add*

Stolen from Brena's Facebook:  "I am completely fearless now; she erased all the "what ifs" with her buck, the "omgs" with her spins, and the 'holy sh*t' with her speed. Good pony."  -- And *that* is the attitude that makes for an event rider :)


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