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What's in your bubble?

So my alarm didn't go off this am.   Not that I hit snooze, which I'm definitely often guilty of, it just didn't go off.   Woke up in a mad panic - not sure even which day it was, and once I figured it out the panic grew greatly.   But turns out while I was very late, was still early enough to get to the barn to feed in time.   And panic does great things for waking you up faster :)

I've managed to go out to dinner with friends a few times in the last couple of weeks (yeah!) -- a tricky thing to organize since their lives tend to be as chaotic as mine.  Had a blast both times, but the one thing I've discovered is my *entire* world has disintegrated to horses.   Not that I don't love them - but I used to be able to carry on normal adult conversations on a variety of topics.   I'm very much afraid of losing that skill.   One of the very few down sides to my current career: for better or for worse, it's all encompassing.  I swear I can actually feel my IQ dropping :(   Booo.   It's like my entire world has shrunk to a tiny bubble and I'm completely oblivious to everything outside it.   Now admittedly, most of the time I *love* my bubble -- but I have to admit I do miss being a little more well-rounded.   And everything I would generally do to fix this scenario takes time; the one thing I really don't have these days.   I even got a university course to take -- but it came on dvd.  So I can't ipod it while I'm doing stalls - I need my computer.  Fail.  Not even really writing much any more.  Blog is sporadic at best and flash has disappeared almost entirely, at least partially because I've been fairly disappointed in my last couple...  I read ridiculously fast, yet these days it takes forever to read a book -- cause I rarely have more than about 3 minutes to read (usually while my dinner heats up!) and news?  hahaha yeah right.  What's that?  Unless it appears in my FB feed, I don't know about it...   Thankfully I have fairly socially-conscious friends, so lots of relevant info *does* in-fact appear on my FB feed, but still - that's a very sad and fairly dodgy way of staying current.

Now that being said -- when I worked in the office, particularly the office I was working in, I got to work with tons of truly intelligent people in all different fields and was very up-to-date on the status of the world in general.  Had regular academic type debates and all the usual PM business challenges and quite enjoyed doing so.   AND I had evenings and weekends off.   Well - theoretically anyways.   And despite all that I have not even the *slightest* interest in going back.  I miss the people and the conversations and the challenges, but I LOVE my bubble.  I just sometimes wish it were a little bigger.

But someday the business will be just enough bigger that I can hire staff...  And then maybe my bubble can re-inflate to a normal size :)


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