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Play day :)

So still pretty sore today and not amused.  By the time theory was over I was very cold, mostly sore, and not the least bit interested in riding.   But I had arranged to ride both Athena and Lissy and Chelsea had come prepared to w/u Lis so I figured I should at least make an effort.

Got on Athena and all was ok at the walk.  But when I started to trot by neck screamed.   Booo :(   Stupid puppy injury :(   But by now I'm warmer and actually on, so not about to quit.  Ok well easy solution - want to remain still on horseback, 2 point.  Done and done.   Any thought of proper dressage schooling abandoned for playing over fences.  hahaha and I survived the ride and she was great and we both had fun.  She also managed to make some turns that a month ago there's no way she could've made, so pretty happy about that.   Had a couple minor disagreements, but nothing tragic.  And in the end got some decent work from her.   Pretty stoked about that.

Then did follow up and hop on Lissy for a bit -- that's all about strength building.  Need to get her a bit more thoroughly through and strengthen her back so she'll be ready for show season this summer.   Super willing little horse - riding her just makes me smile.   She just keeps trying.

Anyways - always good to have a good ride when you didn't want to ride in the first place.  Sort of reaffirms why we do this :)

Have to teach Sasha a trick for puppy class next week.  No idea what to teach her.  Everything I'm interested in is either too complicated or not suitable for class (ie - she's pretty good at "go teach" which means go to the arena from wherever we are, but that's not exactly going to work there!)   She does *not* want to roll over.  Does the weave between the legs thing reasonably well, but I don't want to put a whole lot of effort into that since she'll be too big soon.  So hmmmmm....  Suggestions?


"Stick 'em up! .... BANG!!"

Definitely my favourite dog trick. You can skip to 7:03 to see the trick in action! ;)


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