Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Bring on 2012!

So my mum has suggested my new year's resolution should be "no major life changes" this year.  hahaha  Sounds like a reasonable plan to me.  Of course we all know how well new year's resolutions stick. Yikes!  Maybe we'll make that one a Jan 2 resolution.

Last year...  ummmm wow.   Today is the official one-year anniversary of GRS.  Woohoo.  Yeah us - and thanks TONS to all the people who've been involved since day 1.  It's been amazing.   And then just as things were getting settled and organized we relocated to the new place.  So now starting all over again.  Insanity.  But tons o fun.   And of course adding Sasha to the mix just made things that much more interesting :)

Trying to clean Sasha up after her barn adventures

Started out this year learning a few things about loyalty and friendship.  On both extremes - the wonderful and the highly disappointing.  Was an interesting contrast to see both at the same time though.

Feeling quite sick (stupid cold) but still had fun teaching today.  That's got to be a sign I'm in the right career :)  And as stressful and insanely crazy as the year has been - it's also been absolutely amazing.  And the worst day at the farm is still better than the best day at the office.  Especially at the new place :)  LOVE our current farm.

The last two years have been almost surreal -- I can't wait to see what 2012 will bring!


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