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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

When you're doing what you love, it's not work.

So I was looking at my "I'm Telling You Stories" site and thinking how much I miss FridayFlash... So the goal by the end of next month is to work that back into the schedule. Realistically probably not every week, but at least occasionally :) You know, in all my spare time *g* I did finally order the best of friday flash from Amazon today (my first ever #fridayflash is published in it: so looking forward to it arriving. Also trying to do blog books again for last year - one for Here there be dragons and one for GRS but ran out of time so on the "saved for later" list.

The new GRS website is up and running. And I was absolutely thrilled with it until I discovered another site using the *same* template :( Booooo. Definite downside to purchasing online. *sigh* But no time to redevelop now; that took a ridiculous amount of time as is. And no skill to design to that level myself soooo we have to share for a bit. That would be under the category of "just my luck".

For those of you horse types - esp the DQs out there - a question... Can you explain the reasoning behind the first movement in the first Entry level test (keep in mind, Entry level - we're talking first time in the ring here). Instead of entering at A and proceeding to C as every other test in the world does (with or without a stop at X along the way), this test enters AXHC (see: I'm sure there's logic behind that somewhere, but for the life of me I can't seem to figure out what it is? I'm not actually against it, just curious as to what it's supposed to demonstrate? Thoughts?

So Apollo learned to jump yesterday :) He's always been willing to go from one side of the standards to the other, but if he couldn't step or climb over it, he'd just knock all the poles out of the way! So I gave him a couple weeks of flat work to build some strength and then tried again, having his rider ask for the canter at the moment of takeoff and... Magic! hahaha not only does he get it, he really seems to enjoy it :) Now don't get me wrong, this horse is never going beyond PE. But I suspect after his first year or two he'll happily take any rider around. Of the "show me the map" variety :) So I'm pretty excited about that.

Have been very much missing my friends lately. Usually, to be quite honest, I'm entirely happy with my own company (how egotistical is that???) but the last few days I've been thinking it's definitely time for a girls' night. I can usually do Wed or Sat night... Time? Place? People? Suggestions? Who's in? E me :)

hahaha so that paragraph above is a bit of a derivation as people keep asking me about my *real* life - as in the stuff that doesn't go in the blog. And while ever since I started the blog at Denny's, my real life was very carefully kept out of it, right now the blog is sadly fairly accurate -- my life is entirely at the barn. Horses and the people who care about them and the challenges of starting a new business. That is my focus. With only one minor bull-riding escapade *g* Although admittedly girls night itself, when it happens, is unlikely to get a post either. hahaha that whole private life thing that doesn't *always* belong on the internet >;-P

Anyways - I have a goal of being in bed by the very civilized hour of 10pm today (ok, so I realize that's not setting the bar real high, but some days baby steps are acceptable). However, to realize that goal, I must turn off the computer! So I am off for now :)



I believe the thought for the AXHC movement is to help out young/green horses by eliminating the wiggly centerline that sometimes results from that first trot straight down to the scary judge's box. :)


Now *that* is an answer which makes sense :) I'll feel much better about teaching it now. Thanks :)


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