Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

One of those days...

Ok so it's noon and I have yet to even *start* stalls... One of those "where did the time go???" type days :) hahaha and since I'm freezing cold and need an excuse to go warm up before doing said stalls, I figured I might as well tell you a story...

So I wake up with that panic of absolute knowledge that you've WAY overslept. And then realize it's not quite 1am. hmmmm ok slow heartrate down and go back to sleep. Repeat at 4. I don't know what games my little brain was playing last night, but I was not amused. Which of course meant when it WAS time to get up, I was not the least bit interested in doing so.

Intending to take clipper blades in for sharpening, want to be there when the store opens at 8. So that gives me a little time to feed the pets, have a bagel, and check my email. For some reason felt the need to write a novel instead of the 1 line answer one of the messages required (raise your hand if you're surprised by this. Yeah, I thought not.) So that pushed things out a little, but not tragically so (advantage to being online at midnight is that when you sign back in at 7 there's not a ton of messages. Usually.) Then getting dressed, randomly decided I needed to put away the laundry -- now you have to understand, while my barn is generally spotless, my house would be ummmm the opposite of that. To the point that I think my mum comes to visit me at the barn just for the shock value :) And putting away laundry is one of those chores that falls at the very lowest end of my priority list; after all, you're just gonna wear it again! I have the clean pile and the dirty pile and I move clothes around appropriately and the world is good. Except not today. Today everything had to be put away. To put this in perspective, there were summer breeches in the clean pile.

Ok so I was just a *little* late leaving this am. One the plus side, my room now looks like it might be inhabited by an adult :)

Driving in to work, realize I forgot my nice lunch that I'd packed. Booo. Decide not worth going back to get and keep driving. Then realize my car being on autopilot entirely missed the detour by the clipper store. Oops. Ok well clipper guy really doesn't come till Wed so we'll try that one again tomorrow am.

Eventually get to work, and even though this post might lead you to believe otherwise, I was only about 20 mins later than usual. The horses were definitely ready to be fed, but not yet at temper-tantrum state :) So feed and turn the boys out. Have intentions of riding both Si and Lissy, n since Si was still eating breakfast while Lissy was yelling and making it very clear she was done, decided to ride Lis first.

She was remarkably good about this change of schedule. I was quite proud of her really :) She's a pretty kind hearted little horse. And she went really well and FINALLY got the hang of moving her hindquarters around on request (this has been a rather slow learning curve -- everything else she gets really fast, but for some reason that one just wasn't sinking in...)

Finish with Lis and bring her in. Realize by this point if I ride Si before turning the rest of them out they won't get out till at least 11, and I really don't want them to wait that long. And if I turn them out w/o turning Sienna out it'll make the ride a nightmare. Also it's really cold, and Sienna and cold are not a pleasant combination. So change of plan, everybody goes out :)

So that *should* put me just about back on schedule. I was about 1/2h behind where I usually am at that point in the day, but not bad. But as I'm walking toward the wheelbarrow, I see my clippers are still out. That's not good. Go put them away. And while in the storage area, I decide I can't possibly tolerate the tack room being in that state anymore. Empty more of landlord/last tenant's stuff out of my closet to free up a shelf and then decide what goes on that shelf! Then find homes for more items and just generally finish unpacking as best as possible until I get my other cabinet. As in "unpacking" is really organizing stuff into a variety of containers so at least I have a hope of finding what I'm looking for. But technically everything is still packed in some box or another. Just organized boxes now.

Ok so tack room looks good now. MUCH happier about that. Go back in barn and realize stuff Paula generously donated on Sunday (THANKS PAULA! :) is still sitting in a pile. *sigh* Can't have that. So gather it up and start putting things away (at least now I know where just about everything *should* go!) Was very excited to discover a pair of hind boots that would fit Si perfectly, so switch those out. But then have to clean her old ones (which she has a habit of taking off, hence why I wanted new ones) before I can put them away. So go ahead and do that.

While I'm in her tack box putting the boots away I find the Sharpie. hmmmm as good a time as ever to label everything. So spend a while going from box to box writing GRS on most stuff. One of those things I meant to do at the beginning but so very low priority it never got done. Suddenly seemed the logical next step for today as I was very carefully *not* looking at the still-not-done stalls behind me.

Then as I was doing that, I decided that Lissy should have her own bottle of conditioner instead of me always using Nick's; so of course go find a spray bottle and mix up some for her. Still carrying said sharpie around, spray bottle even got labeled! How exciting! hahaha

So that's all done and I was about to start putting tape on crops and such but my fingers were so cold I couldn't really do that. However still a pile of unrolled wraps and blankets that are only sort of folded. Roll and fold and get everything looking good and decide I'm hungry and frozen.

Wait, forgot lunch. Ok can't fix hungry but can fix frozen :) Come in to warm up, check messages, spend some time organizing the bunkie, etc... And start typing :)

Fast forward a couple hours - so is anybody surprised this blog post got interrupted? A friend was stopping by at 12:30, so mid-sentence I went out to meet her. She was here a little over an hour, at which point I figure I really should at least *start* chores! While I was doing stalls the hay guy stopped by (yeah for more roundbales!) and shortly after a student stopped in which gave me a good excuse for a social break :) All good, but seriously almost 3:00 before I finished chores! Did, in fact, finish labeling stuff when I got back to the barn. Mostly just killing time between finishing chores and bringing horses in!

So now I'm debating between riding Sienna and going for food. Since it's still stupidly cold out, methinks the food just may win!


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