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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Passing time...

So I'm sitting in somebody else's office (very nice office btw) and they're not here yet... Person who showed me in offered use of pc as the one I'm meeting is running quite late. Have to tell you, it's just a little bit weird to be in someone else's space and on their machine, when they're not here! Esp someone I really don't know. Although having lurked their books and their photos I've got a bit more of an idea now *g*

Knowing I was going to come to this meeting, I felt barn clothes *probably* less than appropriate *g* So on my way out this morn grabbed office gear and headed out. All good right? Clothes that I was wearing in Dec to meetings etc. Yeah - turns out nothing FITS anymore. Sheesh. Tis a downside I hadn't thought of! hahaha n not having a belt, couldn't do much about it. Ah well - thankfully most of the time will be sitting!

So first round of horsemanship was yesterday. 1st group I think went really well. Nick was a super-patient model :) 2nd group I *might've* overdone it a bit. hahaha we'll see if any come back next week.

All the horses were insanely high yesterday. No idea what that was about - even Dixie wanted to go for a gallop! Something in the air, clearly. Fortunately had all strong riders as well, so balanced out nicely :)

So I gave in and bought Jack a jolly-ball, since he tries to dig his way out of the stall at night. I've never thought much of these - sort of classified them as a waste of space, not to mention money! - but sobeit. Now he's had it about a week, and I've never actually seen him play with it -- but almost every morning I come in and it's carefully deposited in one of his buckets. Seems boys of any species will try and dunk a ball given an option!

Apollo's been clipped. He's still HUGE - just less fuzzy *g* And has the coolest markings! He was awesome for clipping, but then - he's pretty awesome about everything, so no real surprise there.

So we all know that horses get a little, ummm, concerned when you switch up their routine. My morning routine is feed, t/o boys, ride Sienna, t/o girls (girls after riding so Dixie has the hour she seems to need to eat!). All are used to this system. The other day I really needed to ride Jack, and I knew if I waited till afternoon it'd never happen. So t/o other boys, then tack up and lead him to the arena to ride. Well he was not thrilled at this, but settled quickly enough and I actually had a phenomenal ride. I was pretty excited about that. Return to the barn and as soon as we walk in Sienna starts making her annoyance known. Mornings are HER time. How DARE I spend HER time with Jack. hahaha I had expected Jack to be annoyed at going to work instead of to play, but never occurred to me Si would be annoyed at *not* working.

hahaha ok meeting's about to start so I'm off :)


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