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New GRS Site!!!

So our new Graduate Riding School website is up! hahaha very exciting :) And I've given up on making FB feed to the site and signed up for twitter instead. FB now talks to Twitter, but not the other way around -- but since FB talks to Twitter and Twitter talks to my site, both now feed properly. Did you follow that?

Anyways - that's why the lack of posts recently; I've been spending every spare second trying to get the site ready. Still some changes and updates to come; it definitely hasn't been read/edited or even tested yet! Yikes. Feel free to send me all the bugs you find :)

And that has been made significantly easier thanks to Steph :) Who came home for vacation and spent the whole time helping me at the barn (something only true horsepeople will understand :) Which let me do things like build the new site. Thanks tons Stephy!!!

And if I don't turn off the computer now I'll spend all night "fixing" things and be toasted tomorrow... So with that, I'm shutting down for the night and we'll see if the site lives through the night :)

Let me know your thoughts!


You need a "home" button on the menu at the top of each page! Looks great otherwise, lots of hard work!


Hey Linda,

Thanks for the suggestion!

Clicking on the logo works as a home link :) It's becoming more and more standard to have that work (you'd be surprised how many sites it works on :), but I guess not quite standard enough yet!




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