Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Where, exactly, did this week go?

So when I was a student a good friend and I both had jobs that had certain tasks that, shall we say, did not require a *ton* of intellect. For which we were very well paid but bored out of our little minds. And when we were stuck doing such tasks we referred to it as "chimping" -- as in work so dull and repetitive a chimp could easily do it. So I had a good laugh and an instant flashback when I was in a meeting this afternoon discussing with a client sections of their project that the will be responsible for, and in response to one of the monotonous data entry variety his comment was along the lines of "that's ok, we'll just hire a reasonably intelligent monkey to do it." hahaha absolutely loved it. But then, there's a reason I like these clients :)

Bought enough school supplies at the GH sale that there's no going back now. Both a scary and a very exciting thought :) AND I came in under budget. Seriously. How many of you can say that? >;-P Of course that mostly happened cause I cut some things from the list w/o shrinking said budget accordingly (as one of my friends figured out on FB :). hahaha but what can you do eh?

Due to lack of time I'm afraid there's no new FridayFlash this week. I reposted an older one, Life Skills at if you're in need of a read.

And likewise TheoryThursday... Well it actually *is* almost ready to go -- but as I'm clinicing all weekend I'm not sure when. Might be more like TheorySunday >;-P Ah well.

A friend sent me this which amused me to no end, so I thought I'd share. From TheOatmeal:


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