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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

"Listen to the bird . . ."

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So to recap -- Thanksgiving was held at the cottage. Family togetherness was celebrated by shooting at one another; as well it should be :) The cooking of the turkey is an equally interesting adventure...

Now also in traditional Thanksgiving gatherings is the Thanksgiving turkey. However, you have to understand, at the cottage there is no electricity. So we have to be a little more inventive about how things are done. We do have a little propane oven, but it's hardly going to be big enough to cook a turkey big enough for ten! How do you cook a turkey w/o an oven? Easy -- in the garbage can! Sadly, I'm not kidding...

First step: hunt yourself a turkey. (hahaha ok so that might be a *slight* exaggeration but I couldn't resist :)

Prepare the "oven" -- note, we would recommend against using a plastic garbage can >;-P

Prepare the bird (should *not* be frozen!)

Place bird on stick (I'll never look at a popsicle the same way again)

Cover with can and light fire to some charcoal

Allow to sit for about an hour and a half. But you have to understand, it's not a by-the-clock thing. Over the years our master chef has "learned to *listen* to the bird". Yes he actually managed to say that with a straight face and the right tone. It was quite impressive. hahaha apparently it has something to do with when you hear it sizzling.... "Listen to the bird." If you take one thing from today's post, that should be it. After all, maybe someday the bird will tell winning lottery numbers!

Now since we have some family members allergic to turkey, we also always have an alternative. This year's was brisket -- and how do you cook a brisket? In an egg >;-P Yeah, once again, I'm not joking.

But I'll tell ya, despite the somewhat unusual cooking methods, both critters come out incredibly tasty. And as for the pumpkin pie? It was very very yummy. But has to be served with so much whipped cream you can't actually *see* said pie :) hahaha

Now really, isn't that so much more fun than Great Aunt Sally pinching the cheeks of the not-so-little kids who would rather be anywhere else?


Who is the old guy wearing the Kenora dinner jacket????


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