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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

A MLIA type post

So I had a good start to my morning - a vet bill arrived yesterday and I acknowledged it this am. (I know, great eh?) Was a little puzzled because I didn't think I had any vet bills outstanding, but knowing some of the vets I use are often 6mths + late with their invoicing I figured it was entirely possible and I'd recognize it when I opened it. So I was quite puzzled when I opened it and found a card. Took me several seconds (early morning, what can I say?) to figure out that it wasn't actually from a "vet" per-say as from a friend who happens to be a vet. hahaha way too confusing for first thing in the am, but a decidedly pleasant surprise.

For the students I was talking to yesterday -- the last FEI discipline is driving. hahaha sorry to all drivers out there that I accidentally forgot your sport! Poor form! So the official list is: dressage, eventing, show jumping, vaulting, endurance, reining and driving. See for more info :)

Had a good laugh riding the other day. Was having a very casual sort of ride and had long since finished working and was mostly standing chatting w/ some people hanging out in the middle of the ring. So I decided it was time to get off and put my horse away and made some off-hand comment to Si (out-loud, not using actual aids :) about "ok so I need you to square up a bit so I can dismount" (we have a new rule that she has to halt at least close to square b4 I dismount due to a tendency to always trail one hindleg). Well doesn't she choose just that second to stand up and bring her hind leg under her. Got some looks of amazement and a good laugh from the people standing around. If only it were always that easy eh?


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