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Recommended FridayFlash

So just as I don't get to write nearly as much as I'd like to (Thanksgiving might be *next* weekend - or maybe I'll borrow the US holiday instead, that'd buy me a few weeks. :), I don't get enough time to read either. There are some *really* talented writers doing the #FridayFlash thing and I never get to read enough of them. This one though started out well and got better with every word. There aren't too many that do that. Take the two minutes to read the story Fences by G.P.Ching - well worth it...
"Phoebe loathed the walk home from her bus stop after school. Not that the short jaunt was difficult, but the slope of the sidewalk afforded her a terrifying view behind her neighbor's fence...


hmmmmm I think I'll try and find a "recommended" story each week :) Might make it so I actually get to read a few more of them :) Thoughts?


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