Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

I have tried to know absolutely nothing about a great many things, and I have succeeded fairly well.

So we're moving offices at work -- all the way down the hall. hahaha and yet somehow it's just as chaotic as if we were moving to a new town. Will be appling my completely non-artistic painting skills to the walls after work tomorrow. hahaha

I've failed miserably at Nano. I was sooo excited about it this year but absolutely no time. Could somebody please remind me next September when I start randomly deciding to sign up for a wide variety of courses that Nano is in Nov and I need to leave *some* time free for that!!!! Please! This is the THIRD year I've missed it :( Booooo. Even worse that I actually had a plan for this year (far more than I usually do!) and the sticky notes were stocked. *sigh* But I can count on one hand the number of evenings I have available to write this month and methinks 50K is just not going to happen in that amount of time...

Went to pilates class the other day. Now to put this in perspective, I haven't done *any* exercise outside the barn since spring, and haven't done pilates since I lived in Brampton. I survived though -- better than I'd expected. What I was amused by is that the instructions I got from that coach were almost identical to my riding coaches in the whole "relax your arms and shoulders". hahaha one of these days I'll get the hang of that.

As far as riding goes -- Si was awesome @ the dressage show. Super calm and brought home 3rd and 4th. Woohoo :) I've also come to realize recently that she seems to completely reflect my moods. I've never had a horse do that so intesely before. I mean obviously if I'm tense or frustrated they're going to pick up on that (Zel's reaction was usually to buck me off :) but this one... If I'm tired, she doesn't want to go faster than a walk. If I'm spinny, she's bouncing. If I'm tense... Well I just don't get on her. The last couple days I was grumpy and she met me with pinned ears. Thinking back since I got her I can think of so many times she's reflected my emotions -- or who knows, maybe I'm reflecting hers :) I've never entirely believed in any of that, but Sienna seems to be very patiently proving herself. hahaha and on that note -- she's going to have the weekend off because I decided she needs a break since she seems kinda lethargic lately -- but now I'm wondering if she's not the only one *g*

Anyways -- have some random time-killing silliness to share... Enjoy :)

So I just had to share this as it's way too close to how I feel most days:

(hmmm so the css is going to kill that -- but it'll be legible once I write another post :) The strip itself can be found here if you're interested. Geeky humour mostly but what can I say? If you go, make sure to sit your pointer over the comic to read the alt tags :) And while we're on the geeky humour trend -- for any who've spent time in grad school (or are planning on heading there): You're welcome!
My mum sent me this link and of the strange and unusual positions vehicles can find themselves. Gotta admit in many cases the caption makes the photo! Enjoy :)


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