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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

My PC has swine flu :(

So my machine got toasted with a nasty virus last night. But smart -- very smart. N much as I was thoroughly not thrilled about it (and eternally grateful to Bev for spending her day at home repairing it for me!) I have to admit a twisted amusement at what it did.

So first off, it opened a million windows very quickly -- each one evidently downloading its own evil worms and by the time I got it crtl-alt-dl'd the damage was done. Next time I use machine it is running very slowly and making strange unhappy noises. And you thought machines didn't have feelings!

A few minutes in a very official looking window pops up with "viruses detected" showing corrupted files etc and "download virus protection here". Now knowing fully well that this is *not* my virus checker saying this I ignored that and attempted to close it. Nope, wouldn't close. Good ol ctrl alt del again and it went away. Only to pop up again 15mins or so later. *sigh* But yeah -- points for creativity. And on top of that, it blocked access to all the standard virus checker websites AND caused my virus checker to crash every time it got to 99%.

Ugh. And how did it sucker me in the first place? A link, from a younger facebook user whose spelling and grammar is just as bad as our evil hacker link, with a title of stuff she would send on any given day, that I really didn't think twice about clicking on *sigh*. Fortunately when evil virus replicated itself A) almost everybody on my friends list who received it realized quickly that I would never post something written quite *that* poorly and ignored it as spam and B) Facebook itself froze my account. THAT I was impressed by. I got an email from Facebook (which of course I ignored figuring it was spam) but when I tried to sign in it told me my account was frozen because it seemed to be attacked and how to reactivate it. Which I was thoroughly impressed by because it was a non-onerous process and meant all my friends didn't have to pay for my stupidity.

Lesson today was one of my all-time fav exercises. 5 fences. One at X (jumping from A - C or vise-versa). 2 outside lines with fences just shy of the corner letters. So you end up w/ an X of jumps with one at each point and one in the middle. Course rides outside line, diagonal, diagonal, outside line. A hunter course really >;-P Well if not for the fact that every one of your diagonal lines are jumped on angles. All about holding your line etc. Always been one I've found entertaining. Today there were good moments and not so good moments, but generally was ok. Si's done it before but never inside (where the turns are a whole lot tighter) so it wasn't entirely new to her. Flat work was a bit of a write-off though. Boo. Have to get back to DQ land! At least to visit :)

Followers topped 30 people today!!! Woohoo :) Yes it's the little things in life :) But I was excited :)


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