Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Royal Adventures

Had a TWO-lightbulb lesson this am. Was absolutely amazing. One on the flat and one over fences. Oh and I discovered my pony just might be able to jump the moon *g* Anyways that story was getting very long, so it got its own post on the GRS blog. Enjoy :)

Made it to the Royal twice this year. Tons of fun as always. The official GRS field trip was on Sunday to the Rodeo of all places! hahaha mostly cause that was the day that worked best for people. Tons of fun :) Kinda had a train-wreck appeal to it. haaha That and childhood memories watching the pole-bending. I used to love that one. And the pickup races which I was never very good at but always entertained by *g*.

Wednesday was more about the social aspect than the show. Watched some jumping and some dressage but generally wandered around and visited w/ everybody I randomly ran into. Jess who I seem to see about once a decade, who groomed for me once-upon-a-time when I was in highschool -- that was pretty kewl. Lots of people I rode with in era x, y, or z that I only see a whole lot less than once-in-a-blue-moon now. Some who are still wherever I left them and others who've moved on to new and exciting things.

Having a lot of fun w/ flash this series. New for me to publish a "chapter" (for lack of a better word) at a time -- without having even the slightest idea where the story is actually going! hahaha the story as I knew it, ended at chapter one. But the character didn't want to be written out so another one sacrificed herself and here we are. Gotta luv it eh?

Work is insanely busy. I'm basically living @ the office now *sigh*. And with that note. Back to work with me!


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