Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

There'll be lots of time to sleep when I'm dead...

Time to update the blog eh? Too busy *living* to update the blog! hahaha GRS is just about to the point where I won't be able to accept any more students -- how hard is that to turn down work for a business you desperately want to grow??? I am insanely busy, but loving it. The only catch is finding time for stupid things -- like taking my car in for service or getting somebody to turn the Beast's check engine light off!

hmmm is it a bad sign when your project management software rejects the project manager? Methinks this is not so good. Argh. Everybody can get in but me! hahaha and yet amusing at the same time.

For some reason today any site that has multiple images is simply not loading. Do you have any idea how useless the internet is w/o images? Sheesh. This after they "fixed" our connection yesterday. Blah. I thought maybe FB had just been blocked, but no it's everything... Ah well.

So got on a student's horse last night and was quite pleasantly surprised to discover it's a much nicer horse than one would think on first glance :) hahaha going to be a fun summer after all :)

Been planning the summer schedule -- should I be concerned that I have something on literally every single day between now and Oct? I could possibly sched a wk off in Aug -- might have to do that for the sake of my sanity! hahaha Took a note from Paula and colour-coded said schedule -- it's very pretty now *g* And somehow less scary that way :)

Sienna's been a superstar lately. First show on Sat -- X your fingers for us :) hahaha if we survive the w/u ring all should be well with the world! First jump lesson on Fri... Could also be interesting *g* We shall see. Gotta run!


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