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Superstar Sienna

So the short version – Kerri and I took Sienna to her first show today. In the torrential rain. She was an absolute superstar! :) Couldn’t’ve asked for anything more! Ended up coming second – not half bad eh? Hahaha For the longer version of that story (read: small novel) check out the GRS Blog. (oh comeon, you had to know that was coming)

Zelli was also there – riding immediately before us. That was an emotional swing. On the one hand I was glad she was being so good for her very novice rider (his first show *ever*) on the other hand, man I miss that horse. She just has so much personality. Ah well – time to move on right? Was good to see her taking care of him though. Did stop and chat w/ them for a while – super-nice people.

Anyways – I’m zonked. Off to dream Rolex dreams (hmmm not *that* big a step from pre-entry surely???) Night!


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