Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

2000 miles and one left turn...

So Bev and I headed out to VT for the wknd. Was a really nice trip... Fri drove down, went over to Tamarack to pick up everything I left there and chat w/ everybody for a bit. Good to see everybody. Somewhat disconcerting how nothing has changed -- I could've picked up as though I'd left yesterday no problem and yet it's so far removed from my life at the moment. Used to feel the same way coming home after uni -- everything was exactly as I left it . . . except me. Comforting in some ways, disconcerting in others. But such is life eh? Both Denny and May seemed pretty happy w/ the pics of Sienna, so that was good :)

Sat we went exploring. Great hike along Quechee gorge -- so peaceful. Perfect weather. Almost no other people. Really nice way to start the day :) The last time I went it was stunning w/ the leaves changing but there were hundreds of people there too. This time gorgeous in a different way and we had the whole thing to ourselves. Then we drove around a bit; dropped by a random gathering at Dartmouth College. hahaha I love the uni scene -- still haven't outgrown that.

The B&B we were staying @ was the same one I was @ once before, down the road from Denny's... Old farmhouse (property has apparently been in the family for 6 generations) that had a ton of character :) Spent part of the afternoon sitting out on the porch watching a rather large storm come in... Was pretty impressive. Even more impressive was the double rainbow after it!

Drive home was no too bad -- although I admit I slept large portions of the way, so def had the easy job! Only iffy thing was when Bev killed a poor, innocent, pillow with her mighty Murano. The victim of a tragic road-rage incident. The chicken and the turkey escaped, but the pillow... Well it just was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. We buried it with all due ceremony in the garbage at the next rest stop *g* hahaha otherwise, the return trip was rather uneventful.

So that's the short version cause, well, I have no time for a long version!

hahahha omg just had to share -- got off a call w/ a client repairing pieces of the world that fell apart while I was away on Fri, which he ended w/ "well you are queen of the universe after all" hahaha sorry Bev -- apparently I stole your title. Love it :)


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