Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

First Sammy's run of the year yesterday! Woohoo :) That means it's summer :) From snowsuit to summer in one day -- not half bad.

Had a ride n a half yesterday. C (as I've been told I should spell Sienna's "short" name, since that's how I pronounce it :) was ummmm enthusiastic... Yeah that's the right word. Not even really high or spinny just *really* wanted to run... N if running included flying over a few fences, so much the better! Rode, and I mean *rode* for an hour n a quarter. Normal 20 min w/u but then pretty well all the rest wavered between extended-canter and hand-gallop which would be fine on XC -- less good in the stad ring. She was jumping a little hollow which concerns me since she's never been caught in the mouth so there's no reason for it, but I think it's prob cause she was going so freakin fast! When I finally got her back to a nice show jump canter and could keep her balanced, she jumped properly. I figure that means there's hope. Will be lots of poles and possibly a wheel of death involved in today's exercises in hopes of reestablishing some basics b4 our jump school on Fri.

On the plus side -- she did her first in-and-out. And while it wasn't entirely graceful, she did accomplish it and wasn't toooooo frazzled by it.

On the down side -- I rode all winter w/ Denny and was never sore the next day. ONE serious ride on Sienna toasted me entirely. N the longer I sit at my desk the more stiff I'm getting. Clearly need to go muck some stalls or something.

GRS XC schools @ Gorstella on Sat am and Checkmate on Sun pm; if anybody has any interest in joining in, let me know!

Another ROM field trip @ work this morn :) Always fun. N learned some kewl photoshop tricks from my boss that will I'm sure be put to good use this summer *g* Down side to the field trip is being outside, seeing how amazing it is out and having to come back IN. Boooo on that!


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