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Our Regularly Scheduled Program

So Nicole you remember way back when you were riding Tux, how I used to have you jump as a w/u for your dressage lessons? Well it turns out I'm not insane! woohoo! Or @ least, if I am, I'm not alone in my insanity.

Yes indeed, today's lecture was about how the great German dressage trainer Snuffelupagus (or you know, fill in his *real* name here. Hahaha damn good thing I'm not in a sport that requires much name dropping eh? For the record, it's not that I forget the names, it's that I never catch them in the first place!) Anyways, Snuffy who has, of course, won everything there is to win in dressage, advocates cavelleti and gymnastic exercises in the warmup dr wu. Theory being it gets them (well certain horses anyways -- obviously doesn't work for everybody!) to loosen up and use their back, to move forward, and to get their hocks under them. And really, what more do you want for dressage?

hahhaha so my (generally useless) spell check recommends "Snowflakes" for Snuffelupagus. I wonder what Snuffy would think of that? It certainly amused me anyways :)

Si had her first Denny lesson today. We never got beyond lunging *g* Ah well -- at least we got that far and her "I won't go right" behaviour was seen and dealt w/ w/o us being kicked out of class :)


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