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Commercial Adventures

Only horse related thing I did today was wander around a new (to me) tack store :) Fun, but I was good and didn't buy anything! Really -- you should be proud.

So I drove to Raliegh today (a little over an hour away) to see about getting my iPod fixed... N have to say the customer service there was absolutely amazing. Place was packed, but enough staff to help. Somebody came up to me right away and introduced herself. When I told her why I was there, she took me over to the person I'd have to talk to -- he was with a client, so she said she'd tell him I was here and he'd be there in a second.

Ok no worries... Although I was sort of amused when she promptly turned and walked the other direction, but I could hear her talking -- sure enough, they're all wearing ear pieces so they can talk to each other w/o interrupting the client. So person two comes over and addresses me by name, introduces himself, asks the issue, plays w/ the ipod to test it himself making some comment about "it's tragic when such a beautiful piece of technology doesn't work right" hahaha. Anyways he tells me I have to talk to their techies and I need an apt to do that. Walks me through how to set it up online (for future reference -- I didn't bother to point out that I'm not planning to be back), finds me an apt in half an hour. Which is fine, I'd been planning on xmas shopping.

So I wander around the mall for half hour n come back. Same sort of process, I get "signed in" which makes my name appear on the board to let me know where I am in line... They were ready w/in seconds of the time they should've been. Then techie guy (who gets to make warentee decisions etc) took my ipod, and in under two minutes w/ no hassle I had a new one and was out.

N just looking around, one girl was waiting to have her laptop looked at, well one of the guys came over and cleaned it for her in the meantime (like the keys/screen/etc). Overall I was so seriously impressed I thought I'd share :)

Then I get home and my pc won't turn on :( Had some very scary moments there. It got immediately taken to BestBuy (5 mins from home) where the service was nowhere near as good, BUT when I DID get to talk to somebody they managed to make it work again. Go home, back everything up. Apparently they don't think my pc is going to live much longer :( Very sad.


just proves how much better apple is lol!! ... goooo mac for your new comp :)


oh that's so the plan!

But I'd really rather this one hang on just a little longer...


haha very true ... shelling out for a new comp is not exactly the funnest expense :(


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