Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Hell yes I can ride! I was riding when I fell off.

Twice. In less than 24h. Seriously. "We're really sorry Mrs. Cude; we tried to send her home in one piece, but she just wouldn't cooperate" <-- --="" a="" after="" airplane="" an="" and="" as="" both="" br="" cases="" chance.="" conversation="" denny="" didn="" esp="" fall.="" fell="" from="" going="" hahaha="" have="" his="" horse="" i="" in="" kidding.="" maybe="" mock="" mother="" my="" no="" phone="" reconsider="" second="" should="" t="" that="" the="" this="" to="" too="" up="" you="">
Albeit one of them was actively trying to buck me off at the time. Denny says to me: "you were sticking that *really* well -- I thought you were going to pull it off till she slipped" -- hahaha tis a shame he never met Zel in her baby years :) Then he'd understand where that particular skill set came from! hahaha Miss Sienna was thoroughly annoyed at me for suggesting that bolting for no apparent reason was not required. She, however, has nothing on a little chestnut mare I used to own, and so was nowhere near succeeding in her attempts to drop me... Only managed to tangle up her own feet! hahahah -- having said that, she'll pull it off tomorrow before I leave for the airport! I'm sure she's practicing in her field right now >;-P

She does have one thing on Zel though -- speed! That little one can drop her butt and GO. hahaha when we get to prelim or so, start boxes are going to be an awful lot of fun! AND she has now demonstrated that she CAN tuck her hocks under her -- when we get to a point in her training where that's required (that'd be right after we can steer and stop), I'll know she's capable of it :)

Ok gotta run. A TON of stuff to do before I go HOME. WOOHOOO!!!!!! Can't wait :)


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