Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing.

So I've been riding Miss Sienna outdoors! Woohoo :) She went for her first hack today -- through part of the XC course AND a trail through the woods. Was, of course, a star :) We still, admittedly, haven't gotten to that all important third gait... But walking and trotting and exploring the big scary world is going well :) N of course now that all's good and we're on a good schedule, I'm going to go home for Xmas and undo everything. That first ride back could be interesting. Ah well. *Really* want to come home, so I'll just have to deal w/ Si when I get back :)

So as every DQ knows, it's important to learn German to ride dressage well (yes the two are directly related!) hahaha well we start w/ the important words -- in my dressage lesson the other day, my riding was pronounced to be "not sheisse" hahaha I'll leave it to you to look that up :) At some point in the same lesson I had "that's really improving" which of course entirely made my day. But if improving gets me to "not sheisse" I have to wonder just how bad it was when I started! hahaha Riding's soooo good for the ego >;-P

Gotta admit I'm still really excited about Si's first hack :) hahaha it's the little things in life. AND I think *technically* her first XC jump -- out of the ring! (this is, literally, a log flat on the ground. She could EASILY walk over it should she wish to :)


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