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Choose your own adventure - language learning style

Choose your own adventure language learning
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So one of the Spanish learning programs I like focuses on teaching language through natural learning - stories mostly.  Which, let's be honest, as one who reads a LOT, books written for language-learners generally suck.   Mostly because they're written by people who know what grammar/vocabularly is "allowed" at whatever level, not people who are good writers or story tellers *sigh*.   BUT, if they're even vaguely capable, it's still more fun than endless grammar drills.   Anyways, a few days ago this one was released that is exactly level-appropriate for me and I have to admit, I kinda love it.  Not only is there the nostalgia factor, but you’re engaged in the material because you are impacting the outcome.  AND you’re likely to reread sections if, like me, you don’t particularly like the results of your first choice ;).  Let’s be honest, choose your own adventure is a great chance to live out “well I would’ve liked to have done X, but I wouldn’t have dared” - lol suffice to say in this particular adventure X got me fired pretty quickly so prob just as well it wasn’t my real-life choice ;)

But yeah, having way more fun w an otherwise average story than I would’ve expected so win on that.   And also - I had to go look - for the record, choose your own adventure books DO still exist šŸ˜‚.   


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