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The hardest part about learning handstands is the ground

So of all the things I learned growing up riding horses, it would *never* have occurred to me that a disproportionate lack of concern for falling would be a benefit?!?!

😂 if you’re going to ride, you’re going to fall. People fall at the Olympics and the World Equestrian Games — ie the best riders in the world.

I hit the ground the hardest yet in my handstand practice today - hard enough I actually bounced.  I swore, rolled my eyes, got up, and did better on the next try.  Because really, that’s how I’ve been conditioned to respond to temporary gravity increases.  And comparatively - falling out of a handstand (esp w no momentum whatsoever since part of the intent of this game is strength building) is highly unlikely to ever be as impactful as falling off even the smallest pony.  However, it IS far more likely to be on a solid surface (today was on our deck).

lol in transparency, this one was not today
but it made for a way funnier photo ;)

That being said, I'm pretty sure that tomorrow, middle-age-me will hurt far more from my accidental seat on the deck while exercising today, than teenage or twenties me would've had from being legitimately *launched* from a 16hh horse.   Cause, well, there's a reason people complain about aging.   Of course, ironically the reason I'm doing things now that generally make me sore the next day is so I'll be *less* sore forty years from now ;)   Time will tell...

As to the handstands themselves?  I'm getting better at finding the balance and my strength and flexibility are improving noticeably - HOWEVER, alas, my ability to stabilise and hold it for any *longer* is not improving.  Which is super frustrating.   But I will keep at it and see if - like with so many things - the consistent practice on a plateau eventually leads to jumping to the next level?   Here's hoping anyways.  My focus r/n is on improving core strength and shoulder flexibility, so the handstand learning exercises are secondary (although the handstand practice itself is still happening every exercise day).   I will likely circle back after this 6-week program and give the handstand program another serious go to see if I can apply more and am strong enough to do all the exercises.


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