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Grand Finale

So this post is complete randomness lol

We drove over to the hill so our cars would be near where we drop off the skis at the end of the day.   I parked, and Laura was right behind me, but the next spot wasn't big enough for her larger vehicle.  Parking attendant indicated she should follow him.   He took her to the very first spot, moved HIS car, and gave her that spot.  Customer service was seriously impressive throughout.

Even a little bit of blue sky!

This morning's skiing had some actual powder that was SO lovely.   The hill was also way more crowded, but still our lovely greens were fairly open.   We tried a couple runs we hadn't done before, but the one we found yesterday held out for the win.

Part of my favourite run - easy curviness through the trees

I had SO much fun on our ski trip.  I was disappointed by how completely and totally exhausted I was -- although I appreciated the sleep!  When I booked the trip I had ambitions of skiing all day and getting home quite late at night, but that didn't end up being reasonable.  In reality, I skied for the am and left at lunch.

So Laura and I decided we are "fast food skiers" lol - as in "pizza and fries".   As in "snow plow when things are dodgy and parallel when things are good".  Win.   Also got a good laugh because the thought crossed my mind that I can't stop well in parallel skiing and I often can't stop when eating fries.  I don't have that problem with snowplow or pizza ;-P.  It's amazing what's funny when you're completely exhausted.

Not exaggerating about having easy hills to ourselves ;)

On one of the runs there were two snowboarders about to go, I offered to let them go first and the response was something about "I always let the skiers go first since I'm just learning and don't want to get in the way" and I got a laugh that I was feeling the exact same thing about the snowboarders.   All good.  In general people were very good about the whole "downhill has right of way" situation and faster skiers just dodging us.

Returning gear was a little dodgy -- you literally just leave it on the table?!?  Nobody checking it in or even acknowledging its existence.  Which reminds me, I was impressed that pretty much everybody was wearing helmets on the hill.  And also that those helmets are both comfortable and WARM.  Loved it.

I left around lunch time - I can't remember the last time I was so tired.  Laura lasted a couple more hours than I did to make up for missing Wed night.   Drive home was super easy - roads were clear, no weather, no traffic.  All good.  Border crossing was more normal but not bad.  And definitely came home and had a nap ;).  But still grinning.   Trip was So. Much. Fun.


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