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Exhausted skiing adventure

So today I learned my right leg is significantly stronger than my left.  Lol trying to ski past the point of exhaustion and my left leg just noped out.   If it was not weight bearing, it would like shake randomly - so that was fun lol. Just as well I’m not great at keeping my skis closer than hip-width apart or there might have been challenges. And if it was weight bearing it was really useless at turning and would 💯 default to snow plow.   It made for some awkward runs lol.

Wasn't crowded so lots of time for pics :)

But that was this evening.  This am started w a disappointing breakfast, then heading to the hill to get Laura’s skis.  Hit the slopes for the am and it was super icy.  Way less fun than yesterday :(.  But we did a bunch of runs anyways - it wasn’t bad, just not lovely.  And definitely more people.  Stopped in a ski school to see about getting a lesson, but they were crazy expensive.   Laura’s goggles were deteriorating so we stoped in the ski store, where I randomly got a neck warmer thing since it’s colder today.  I was disappointed the one I liked best only came in youth sizes.  Might’ve been okay?   But with 12 as the high end age, I decided to stick to the adult selection.  

Back out on the hill, skied our way back to the hotel and then went into town in search of food and requests for US-specific stuff from people at home.   We were partially successful ;)

Then Laura went back to the hill while I crashed for a lovely 20 min cat nap.  I hit the slopes about 30 mins after her.   Remember the whole “put your skis on and go 10 feet to the ski lift” thing?   Well that part was just fine, but moments after I sat down the lift stopped???   There were no other people so….  “You forgot something!”  Lol my ski hadn’t been properly in the binding and snapped out when gravity got involved.  Awesome lift guy helped reattach it for me.   Fortunately this was the most eventful issue of the evening. 

Laura was way on the other side of the mountain so it took me a few runs to make my way over there, but we did get connected.   Still busier than yesterday but as per last night the green hills were mostly empty, which was lovely.  As well, the snow all afternoon had helped negate some of the ice issues.  And the skiing got consistently better as the night went on.

Love the snow with the lights at night

In her solo skiing Laura had found a different run I hadn’t tried yet that was 100% my favourite of the night.   Through the woods but the gentlest slope (fairly critical since by this point I only had one quasi-functional leg), snow falling, no people but us (the other runs on that chair lift are double black diamond and black diamond, so it’s not exactly one populated by many novice skiers!).   We did this one a number of times.   

Eventually it got to the point where my legs were so iffy it wasn’t super safe and we still have more skiing tomorrow so we made our way back.  Last night’s favourite hill was tonight’s least favourite hill as it was sheer ice for all the steepest parts.  And I was exhausted.  So yeah - definitely not a fun end.

Our room was just to the left of this pic, the lights are for the closest lift.

We were both really tired but I dragged Laura to the pool anyways - how often can you swim outside in the snowfall?!?!   Which ended up being *awesome* because we found the hot tub!!!  It does exist!  And was absolutely the perfect thing for my poor body that was very much letting me know that I’m neither young nor in riding shape any more ;)

Neither of us were hungry for dinner but we had splurged at the cupcake store for Laura’s birthday :)

Dinner of champions ;)
We only made it a fraction of the way through, but seemed good at the time.


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