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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

ohhhh Idk if I'm ready to be a teenager?!?!

Apparently Stardust keeps its name in Spanish

So on one of the Spanish Learning forums I'm on on FB, somebody posted that Neil Gaimon's Stardust, in Spanish, was on sale for $1.99 (for Kindle)...


Well alas, it appeared to be only on US Amazon, BUT it does at least *exist* in Canada's Kindle store (Kindle books can't cross border shop for reasons that will forever frustrate me).  And is not terribly expensive.


Now this put me in a bit of a curious position because while I really like a lot of what NG says and does as a person, and truly appreciate how he interacts with his fans, in reality, I don't actually love his writing.   But, in a weird twist of fate, I've enjoyed almost every movie/tv variant based off his writing that I've seen.   Often I like both the book and the movie for different reasons, but if I'm going to enjoy one and not the other, it tends to be the book.  Except when it comes to NG's work...

And Stardust is a favourite of mine.

So I read the first couple pages and they aligned pretty well with the movie -- at one point I could hear the narrator translating it to English for me, so it must've been pretty close -- so I think I might've found this year's Spanish reading challenge.

But more entertainingly, I found this:

Yup - Kindle has reading info about their books.   And I know I struggle with teenage TV, but maybe ready for teenage reading? lol we shall see.   

Then of course out of curiosity I went looking for the others I've read in Spanish.   Harry Potter was first and comes in with this combo:

ohhhhh so Stardust will be noticeably harder than HP was.  Hmmmm.   Then I went looking for The Never-ending Story.  Alas, I couldn't find it in Kindle form in Spanish (I have a hard copy) but I *did* find it in English and decided the reading level was likely to be similar so....:

The Never-ending Story I found much harder than HP solely because of all the description.  HP is more action and conversation -- that's a lot easier for me to follow.  I've no idea how Stardust will compare -- the levels seem to suggest to me it'll be the hardest one yet, but also the shortest so maybe that will balance out ;) 

I did think maybe these things only appeared when looking for kids books (I do vaguely recall having books with the 'reading level' stamped on the back), but it appears to be just for kindle - switch to the hard copy version of any of them and that info goes away.   So out of curiosity I looked up a couple of the books I've read recently in English - turns out they have all the info except Age and Grade level; I guess once you hit theoretical "adult" those don't count anymore ;)

Anyways - first I have to finish the "level appropriate" *yawn* novel I'm reading now.  Really I could do that in a couple hours, I just am not super into it.  But now I have something fun to look forward to.  Well, potentially.  I downloaded the free chapter first -- figure I should read that and then decide :)   

Wish me luck!


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