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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Believe it or not, it's been two years :)

Caramel and Chocolate Yumminess
Thursday was our second anniversary (yeah us!).  Chris was on nights this week, which meant he'd be done work for the week at 7am on Friday, so I took Friday off.  We didn't really have any plans beyond dinner but seemed like a fun thing to do.

When I got home on Thurs, there was no Aussie face looking at me through the window.  Odd.  But I figured they were probably out back.  Came in, put my stuff away, talked to Chris for a bit, exchanged anniversary/birthday gifts ;).  But still no puppy in the window.  Ummmm where are the dogs?

Turns out Chris had the night off so had taken the dogs to my parents so we could go out.  Sweet.  Although I still didn't really clue in why the dogs would need to go somewhere else?  Yeah took me a sec to clue in that go out actually meant go somewhere :).  I was pretty excited when the light went on.  lol we went up to Collingwood and had C's bday dinner at a brewery he wanted to try.  Really good and packed with pares-ski peoples.   Amazing how being there suddenly made me want to go skiing.  I haven't been skiing since uni but now I want to ;)

Skipped that idea, spent the night and then went to Scandanav Spa the next day.  So nice.  Took me forever to actually get my little brain to stop spinning, but then was happy and relaxed for several hours after :)

Then dinner was at Spencer's in Burlington.  Also really nice -- watching people skating on the frozen wading pool outside the window.

All-around a really nice couple days and a great start to the wknd :)


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