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Core de Force returns!

As you may remember if you follow this blog, I decided to test out the home workout program "Core de Force". Unfortunately this plan got derailed, as so many have in the last year, thanks to eye surgery *sigh*.   However, I got the go-ahead to start exercising again last week and was good and built things up slowly.  But now I have five weeks till vacation and no sign of an ab in sight.  Hmmm.  Time to step it up a little ;)

Last night I stayed up late writing a Friday flash, and I was moderately happy with it which put me in a good mood when I went to sleep.  This morning I slept in, got up long enough to let the dogs in to cuddle and then dozed a while longer.   Read in bed a bit.  Was just generally lazy.  It was amazing.  I was not at all inclined to spoil it with a workout.  But given that I have trouble fitting exercise in as regularly as I'd like during the week, I'd committed to doing some form of exercise.  What was still open for discussion, and that commitment was sorely tested when the DVD play decided it wasn't inclined to function *sigh*.  But I got it to cooperate, and then not only did I push play, but I pushed play on the next video in the series.  

Logic would suggest after more weeks off than I put in, perhaps I should start over.  Right, you're not new here.  The new video of the day is Piyo -- described as Boxing, Muay Thai, and plyometrics in one workout.  Have I mentioned recently how much I hate plyometrics *sigh*.  As with all the others in the series, this video is broken into 3-mintue "rounds".   A combination of moves that you repeat for a set amount of time, a "spike" that is supposed to be 30 seconds of high intensity cardio to get your heart rate up.  Then repeat both.   You do this 12 times.  Each spike is in two rounds, but all the exercises in the rounds differ.  And the one spike I really hate isn't in this video.  Hence, my new favourite video ;)

I very quickly learned the complexity of the moves and exercises is greater in this one.  I discovered this as I nearly landed on the ground trying to do a knee jump forward -- jump forward, leading with your knee while leaning backward.  But the lean caused my landing leg to slide forward on the carpet.   Dodgy, very dodgy ;).   And of course this is combined with other moves to exasperate the situation.

Anyways -- I kept going, all good, and was introduced to the superman punch.  This one is simply fun.  I'm certain I looked like a complete idiot -- esp once I figured it out and so really threw myself into it (literally).  But there's something about it that just makes me feel like a little kid.   It did pose a distinct risk to my TV though -- as it's a very small space I'm exercising in, and I might've had a bit more forward momentum than I'd realized *g*.  This one I *really* can't coordinate on the off leg.   You basically kick one leg backwards to power the same hand forward while jumping forward at the same time.  Amused me anyways.

Yeah along with that, the switching sides was a bit of a fail.  Usually for the second half of each exercise I switch which limbs are doing what.  But for two or three rounds in the middle I just could *not* wrap my head around that.  Hopefully once I've done the video a few times.  But that was, shall we say, less than successful.

I would say I managed the first 8.5 rounds well enough -- other than some coordination challenges, I was keeping up and playing the game.  It did amuse me every time they referred to "this will help improve your agility" -- I wonder what they'd think at work if I put in that recommendation since "improving agility" is very much the in thing there right now ;-P

But then my body was done.   The "Big Jump" spike more closely resembled a minuscule shuffle.  And when the overly perky trainer said "I want to see you jump higher" I may or may not have responded, out loud, a response that might have contained some snark.  However, like with talking at ignorant drivers on the road, talking to trainers who can't hear you equally makes it more tolerable.  And lets be honest, any real life trainer that I've worked with for any length of time I would've said to their face ;).    I did get an extra boost in round 12 randomly -- had all kinds of power for that one.  Don't know where it came from, but I'll take it.   And while I talk back to the trainers once I get tired, I will admit the "only five more seconds" will usually convince me I can give a little more effort.  Unless I'm really having a bad day, which leads to "oh only five seconds, I may as well be done now" ;).  But today was a good day, so it got more results.

They do offer corrections throughout, most of which I find are bang on so credit to the scripting.  They clearly know what mistakes beginners are going to make and when.  I can't comment if this would be any use to anybody who has martial arts experience, but for me it's ideal.   But the one that always gets me is "is your guard up?"   No.  No it's not.  There is not possibly enough time for me to put my guard back up between move A and move B.   And when I try, the usual result is me punching myself in the face, so suffice to say I'm not all that eager to try ;-P.   I do understand the necessity in an actual fight, but so far the shadows I'm boxing have yet to land any blows *g*

But the final insult comes in the cool down -- which is the same (or very close to) in all the videos.   In one stretch which requires balance, there's a line about "if you need help, grab a friend" -- and shows one person holding another's shoulder for balance.  But of course then it follows up with "if you don't have a friend, use a chair."  So very sad.  Which for some reason I found this highly amusing, but I had just finished 12 rounds, so maybe the shadows landed more punches than I thought ;-P

Anyways -- there is a golden orb in the sky that vaguely resembles something I recall seeing once upon a time, so Sasha and I are going adventuring.   


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