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Merry Christmas

Week 9 complete!   Brutal, but complete.   Yes, even on Christmas eve, Christmas day, AND boxing day.  Gold star to me ;)

A couple new videos this week.  Decelerator was on Monday and I really didn't enjoy that one.   Disappointing as it's in twice next week *sigh*  It didn't feel like it was all that challenging, but I was *really* dragging through MMX the next day, which I usually enjoy, so it obviously made me work a little harder than I'd thought.

Eccentric Lower and Eccentric Upper were both really good and decently challenging, although I need to buy more weight for eccentric lower.   There the focus is on really slow down and then fast up -- regardless the move.  For most things that was okay.  For push-ups it was absolutely brutal.  Completely toasted me.

On the plus side, am finally starting to see results, so that's nice ;)

Just realized I haven't done a single Friday Flash this year -- and there are no Friday's left :(  Boooo.  Moving every Friday made that more of a challenge than I'd expected.   Fail.

Anyways -- really looking forward to a day of nothingness tomorrow.  Then a ton of stuff to do in the week off ;)

Hope you had an amazing Christmas!


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