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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Almost half way through...

Finished week six of P90X3.   Week SIX!  Already.  That is fairly unbelievable to me.   And the word of the week is sore.  More so than any other week so far *sigh*    I thought I was doing so well -- Tuesday I completed all of the Warrior with no modifications or exhaustion.  Sweet.  Yoga/Pilates day got moved to the weekend so that I wouldn't have to move all my gear to Paris (the joys of living in two homes).  MMX was still entertaining the second time around, although far less overwhelming this time as I had some idea what was going to happen.  But the Thurs/Fri combo of Incinerator and CVX just toasted me entirely.   Fri night woke up in the middle of the night with back, shoulders and quads screaming at me.  I suppose I should be glad that's only the second time that's happened since starting this program, but I definitely was not so amused last night.  And today (Sat) I've been dragging all day.

I can do almost all the exercises in this week's videos -- the only ones I can't are the pull ups and chin ups.  Chin ups, on a good day I can get about half way.   hahhaha if I can do one chin up by the end of this, I'll be pretty stoked ;)   And as for pull ups?  Yeah, they're more of a hang and swing activity at the moment. We shall see.  The rest though I can manage to some degree, and I do like the days that include the weights -- way more interesting.

So far though, I've been able to check off every single day.   Some days it's more of a challenge than others for sure, but I've at least shown up.  The fact that it's only half an hour is actually fairly motivating -- I can't justify spending that time on Facebook if I haven't at least made an effort to exercise and I don't need to go anywhere to do it.  Half an hour before dinner or before opening my kobo or whatever -- it's doable.   Some days harder than others certainly, but doable.

Have to admit, I'm looking forward to rest day tomorrow ;)


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