Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. - E.L. Doctorow

So that title -- oh so true.  So many times my characters do something that was just not in the plans and mixes everything up.  Usually for the better, but I'm not always pleased about it.  A couple times I've had characters randomly insert themselves into the story; they didn't exist, they weren't supposed to exist, and I have nothing for them to do.  But suddenly they're there and I have to work with them.  Or worse, when somebody important dies or gets lost or some other tragedy.  Well they were supposed to stick around -- how can it work without them?

"But you're the writer, you say what happens..."  Ummm well I've sort of discovered that's not true.  At least, not for my best writing.  When I try to control what happens I get mediocre stories -- some of my flash attempts have been of that forced writing.  It might be salvageable.  Might even be reasonable.  But it's not going to be something that sticks with you or leaves you wondering what happens next.  If, instead, I just record the story as it plays out in my head -- even when it doesn't go the way I want it to -- the results are much better.  It's very weird and it's very hard to explain, but I've learned from talking to multiple really successful writers, that it is normal.  Or what passes for normal for a writer *g*

So yeah, I may be slightly schizophrenic, but I write it down, so it's okay.  And when the story's gone, the characters leave my head.  If they don't leave, their story's not done.  It's as simple and horrifyingly involved as that.  And I have to admit, I find it *really* amusing when my characters do things I don't expect them to.  Frustrating, occasionally, but always entertaining.  I think it might be one of the main things that makes storytelling so interesting to me.

So in a marathon session that gave me far too little sleep between yesterday and today, the first draft of the next book is complete.  Longer than the last one and a little more complex, but similar style.  I suspect this one might make a series :)  Have several ideas for book two even though book one is still so rough nobody else is going to be allowed to see it yet *g*   Sheesh.

The crazy assassin one I was writing is completed (again only in rough) -- and also set up in such a way it could be a series.  Yikes!  But I think I want to get a few more of the fantasy type published first; I'm a little less disturbed by those.  hahaha although I will admit I had a lot more fun researching that one *g*

Both sets of characters are still living in my head, so clearly their stories aren't done yet.

Have learned all sorts of interesting ideas about book promotion and marketing, but one of the things that seems most prevalent is there's not a whole lot of point unless you have more than one book *sigh*  Sooooo figured I'd keep writing first, continue to be hugely grateful for the awesome people who've been supporting my efforts, and then attempt to make it reasonably successful after there's something there to market.  That might change, but realistically -- there are only so many hours in the day.  I'd rather apply them where they have a hope of being useful!

Am amazed at how this has sort of taken over my life though.  New 'friends' on Facebook that I feel like I've known for years.  More free books to read than I could ever have a hope of reading *g* -- talk about an unexpected perk!  All sorts of information and advice and basically a whole world I didn't even know existed.  And the best part is -- they're welcoming and incredibly supportive of new writers.  Pretty cool.   Of course connected fastest with the other horse people :)  It's amazing how very quickly that detail becomes obvious.

And speaking of horses -- my little mare was such a superstar today.  Found her "big trot" hahaha -- all kinds of forward.  Realistically I'd say this was the first lesson I've had on her where I worked even a little.  She's slowly getting fit and broke enough that I can actually start to ride her.  Woohoo!

And then just because that's the way my life works, while Lexi was working on lengthening, Sasha was working on collection *g*  hahaha classic eh?  I'm out of puppy school for the summer and seriously missing it.  Sash clearly was too -- I wish I'd recorded how excited she was when she saw where we were.  But I had a couple make-ups from ages ago, so did one of those today.  So much fun!  Sash really is a star.  I wish I had more time and $ to dedicate to training her for this particular game but...  Eventually something has to give *sigh*   Now what I really need, is agility gear at the barn.  Then I'd be set!  hahaha


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