Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The expert in anything was once a beginner

So I'm amazed at how excited and still fairly surprised I am whenever somebody tells me they've read -- and better yet, liked -- my book.  At least they're telling me they liked it *g*  They could just be being kind :)   But I tell myself if that was the case, they just wouldn't say anything.

Totally made my day when Christina told me at the show yesterday that she'd read and enjoyed it :)  Partially because, well - that's always awesome to hear.  But even more because it's support from an unexpected area.  From my good friends it's great, but, well, I think that falls under the category of 'things you do for friends'. hahaha  But by far the coolest part of this latest adventure of mine is the number of people who I know but am not close to who've been incredibly supportive.  Students I taught ages ago, people I know from the show circuit who I see and chat with regularly but don't really know outside the event world, 'friends' I know exclusively on Facebook, my favourite hair dresser, the mother of a girl who I was close friends with in primary school *g*  The list goes on and gets even more obscure...  And then, not only to take the time to go get AND read it -- but to actually tell me about it after...  Awesome!

This photo on FB kinda made my week :)  The caption from Jeannette was "FINALLY!!! Awesomeness delivered right to my door. I can't wait to get started!!"

My ego smiled at this one :)
bahaha right - definitely in the same class there >;-P  hahaha I can dream right?  Some day.  Maybe.

Favourite review yet:  I totally loved it! You've joined a very select rank of books that I can bribe myself with in order to get any housework done. It goes a little something like: 'ok, after this chapter, I will go clean the bathroom, then I can read another 2 chapters'. My house is spotless and the book is finished. 

hahaha that and anybody who has asked for a sequel :)  No bigger honour than that!  Current work in progress is a similar style but not actually related in any way shape or form.  Maybe this year's nanowrimo? :)  hahaha we'll see!

Anyways - I'm just so very happy, I thought I'd say thanks :)   And post it so that next time I'm muttering at the screen cause the words aren't flowing I remember that there may - just may - be a point to this torture.  hahaha  Kinda like remembering what the end of a flawless XC run feels like when you're lying in a mud puddle. Again.

And speaking of -- awesome rides on both Lexi and Lissy today.  So much fun :)

Okay, back to work!


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